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Top Five Solutions For Puffy Eyes

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Fluid retention

Fluid retention may result in eye puffiness for a number of reasons: It could be due to excess salt or artificial sweeteners in your diet, fluctuating hormone levels, or even the salt in tears. Tears and hormonal changes, particularly during pregnancy and menstruation, may be unavoidable, but cutting down your salt intake will help to prevent puffy eyes and other swelling in the body, as your body stores salt in fluid. You should also cut out artificial sweeteners which encourage fluid retention.

To treat puffy eyes caused by fluid retention try;

Sleeping on your back or with your head elevated.

Gently tapping the puffy area from the outer corner to the nose to drain fluid.

Drinking more water. Yes, it may seem odd but drinking more water is a great way to tackle fluid retention!


As stated above always ensure that you are well hydrated. Drink plenty of fluid, up to eight glasses a day, as dehydration is another cause of fluid retention due to the body beginning to store fluids as a response.


As with dark circles, puffiness can be caused by allergies. Try switching your skincare and eye make up products to a more ‘skin friendly’ brand and see if this helps. If there is no change and you are concerned about puffiness around the eye that is not normal for you then visit your doctor for reassurance. He may prescribe an antihistamine or have another explanation and treatment for you.

Eye infection

Never sleep in contact lenses or eye makeup as this may cause infection and swelling. Never share eye makeup products and renew them regularly to avoid spread of bacteria.

Pulling on the skin around the eye.

Use an effective but gentle eye makeup remover and avoid rubbing the eye. The skin around the eye area is very sensitive and heavy handed eye makeup removal can result in damage to the skin, worsening baggy eyes. If you are unsure of what kind of eye makeup remover to use then Models Direct would recommend a little warmed olive oil on a damp cotton wool pad. Never pull the skin whilst removing makeup, instead use small patting motions pushing very gently from the outer to the inner corner and repeating until clean. Try not to wear waterproof eye makeup unless it is absolutely necessary, as it is more difficult to remove.

Other general tips

Haemorrhoid creams have long been used by celebrities to alleviate puffy eyes. It’s anti-inflammatory agents help to bring down swelling.

Cold compresses, including dampened teabags, potato and cucumber slices will help to reduce swelling.

Wear sunglasses whenever possible.

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

As with dark circles, puffy eyes can be caused by fatigue or too much sleep. Ensure that you are getting the right amount of sleep for you, which is usually around 7 hours a night.

If you are suffering from severe and persistent eye puffiness please seek medical advice to be sure that there is no serious underlying cause.


write by Baldwin


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