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Stag And Hen Night Parties – A Few Costume Tips For A Great Party

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Stag and Hen parties have been an integral part of the total wedding package for a great number of years and can be seen as one of the great rights of passage into, hopefully wedded bliss and happiness. Over the last decade there has been a considerable growth in both the number and quality of Stag and Hen parties taking place and a whole network of unique businesses have been created around this.

One of the most distinguishing factors of a Stag or Hen party is an almost total loss of inhibitions with the majority of guests ending up making complete and total arses of themselves in fancy dress. Fortunately the majority of venues where Hen and Stag nights end up take little notice other than to ensure the safety of the revelers and protect other clients.

Before planning a Hen or Stag Night there are a few considerations and a couple of tips;

o If you are planning on wearing fancy dress abroad, make sure you select a theme that will not cause offense to the local population. It maybe an uproariously funny theme whilst you are planning it, but it will be different if or when you are faced with a group of irate locals.

o If you are planning to travel overseas, consider the climate and what it will be like to wear the costume all evening. If you plan to go clubbing, and most parties do, then you should ensure that the costume is lightweight and comfortable. If traveling to colder climates and undertaking a ‘pub crawl’ then a heavier costume may be more comfortable.

o Again, if traveling take into account that all costumes will need to be carried to the destination and will need to be part of the luggage. If you go for retail costumes rather than hire, these can be disposed of without having to worry about condition.

o If the theme of the fancy dress has been kept secret from the Stag or Hen, ensure that you have a camera available to capture the jaw-dropping moment when realization happens..

Some ideas for fancy dress themes for Stag Parties

o Beach Party Hawaiian shirts, shorts, straw hats, Hawaiian leis, flip flops and sunglasses. Couple of padded costume ideas to suit could be padded Big Kahuna Tiki God or Man eating shark or Luau Larry.

o Superheroes Superman, Batman, Spiderman or Fantastic Four. Good idea to make the Stag the hero whilst all the other guests become the villains.

o Gangsters Zoot suits, gangster suits (wide pinstripes), trilby gangster hats, violin cases, jumbo cigars, braces, black shirts, white ties, spats (over black shoes). Care point: imitation or toy guns may bring the wrong attention.

o Blues Bros Black suit, white shirt, pencil black tie, Blues Bros sunglasses, Blues Bros hats

o 50’s Teddy boy’s jacket, white shirt, string tie, Greaser jacket, white tee shirt, click comb, teddy boy’s wig, luminous socks, shorten straight legged trousers

o Austin Powers Velvet suit, white jabot (frills), goofy teeth, wig, others could be Fat Bastard, Dr Evil etc. Most costume retailers will be able to advise on these.

o Convicts Surely a staple of the genre. Traditional black and white stripes or more recently the bright orange boiler suit, ball and chain, shackles, handcuffs etc can all be used to great effect

o Navel Officers Officer and gentlemen territory. White navel dress suit, white shirt, black tie, white peaked cap and parade gloves. They will fall at your feet.

o Of the Cloth Priests, monks, vicars. Cruelest action would be to dress the Stag as a nun.

o Cowboy Cowboy outfit, checked shirt, boot lace tie, holsters, cheap plastic guns – see care point on Gangsters, neckerchiefs, plastic spurs, poncho mustaches, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, check jeans entry rules before you go..

o Disco Anything 70’s disco with obligatory jumbo afro wig.

o Caveman Loin cloth, wild hair wigs, foam wooden clubs, wristbands, ankle bands and large bones

o Elvis Any Elvis costume, wig, microphone, hamburger..

o Gladiator Not really suitable in cold climates during the winter, but great in summer. Bronzed body, gladiator costume, cheap and obviously plastic sword (check entry venue conditions first), Roman sandals. The Stag can be the emperor with Roman toga, laurel headdress, harp

Some ideas for fancy dress themes for Hen Parties

o Beach Party Hawaiian dresses, hula skirts, coconut bra, straw hat, Hawaiian leis, flip flops and sunglasses. Couple of padded costume ideas to suit could be padded Pineapple or padded Tourist

o Superheroes Supergirl (apt), Catwoman, Batgirl, Wonderwoman (also apt), Susan Storm from Fantastic Four etc. Hen could be the hero whilst all the other guests become the villains.

o Angels White dress, white tights (fishnet or diamond net), white angel wings and plenty of glitter. Mix and match with fallen angels (as before but in black).

o Horny Devils Black dress, black tights (fishnet or diamond net), dark wings, horns from a vast selection and devils trident.

o Sexy Nurses Nurses uniform and don’t forget the accessories and latex gloves for things you’d rather not touch.

o Sailor Girls Black and white striped top with white trousers or shorts or skirt, dough boy hat, white deck shoes and hey-ho my hearties…

o Disco Anything 70’s disco with obligatory jumbo afro wig.

o Naughty Nuns Wide variety of Nun’s fancy dress from short to full length and cheap accessories available

o Cheerleaders As an alternative to available fancy dress, pleated skirt, tight tee shirt combine with pom-poms and tennis shoes with white bobby socks.

o Baseball Comprises short pleated skirt with tight top. Does allow you to carry a bat for protection..

o Schoolgirls You may also want to carry a baseball bat, you know what to wear, but some reasonably priced fancy dress available. Hen could be teacher in gown and mortar board.

o French maids Costumes available in a variety of colors and styles and fantastic array of accessories available

o Gangster Moll Flapper dress, flapper beads, feather headpiece, long cigarette holder, martini.

o Policewoman Lately, there has also been a demand for female Traffic Warden. Outfits, white blouse, black tie and handcuffs, truncheon and hat. Hats are now also available in pink along with pink epaulets for a ‘girly’ summer look.

Whichever theme you choose, have a great and safe party. Remember, the more you plan, and stick to the plan, the safer and more enjoyable the night will be.


write by Godiva


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