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Spectacular Vision With Stylish Spectacles

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Eyeglasses or spectacles serve the purpose of eye-sight or vision correction. Who invented eyeglasses is still debatable, even though some of the sources say the first pair of wearable eyeglasses were invented by an Italian named Salvino D’Armate in 1284.

According to the study, in the 700 BC, Assyrians used the polished crystal to magnify objects. However certain other instruments were tested by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans in the ancient times– around 12th and 13th century– to magnify objects. The science that deals with the eyeglass inventions is termed as optometric science or simply optics. With the combination of the math and physics subjects such as quantum optics, the study of light rays, travelling of light and angles of incidence and reflections are measured.

The first one to introduce the bifocal lenses which are commonly used today, is Benjamin Franklin. Every invention which is successful and attains public impression is, always the product which serves the best. Now, if we think of why inventions are made, the answer would be inventions- follow the problems and serve as their solutions. The eye diseases like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia led the scientists to create eyeglasses to correct vision problems.

Treads and fancied fashion lead introduction of the sunglasses. Similarly, Lenskart is one stop online shop and is one such implementation, to meet the needs of the demanding customers. Since it’s a realized fact that every invention comprises a holy jingle, said to be the ‘time saving’ factor, Lenskart diluted same in order and stood as the India’s leading online retailer of contact lenses. The cost effective and valuable services, at best low prize and great quality, with no delay in delivery make it take the lead position. The policies are customer friendly, since refunding and replacement is completely available.

How important are eyeglasses?

Eyes possess site where retina and cornea are the two important factors. Cornea is the soft, sensitive covering that keeps the eyes moist and operated by central nervous system. If something goes wrong with the functioning of the complex eye parts, it has to be dealt medically, and the eyesight problems generally increase with aging. Still there are cases. New born babies also carry vision problems due to various reasons such as genetic disorders and so on.

Along with food and medicine, neurologists and ophthalmologists recommends eyeglasses and contact lenses. Remember, in general the eyesight problem is described in two medical terms abbreviated as DV and NV, expanded as Distant Vision which is a specific design to improve far vision, and Near Vision to enhance the vision for things lying close by. Also, both the eyes may have different vision problems and hence the lens power is suggested in two modest ways as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, where convex and concave lens are the type of lenses, acting as the bifocal lens. Convex lens magnify things as it is thick in the middle and thin at the corners and concave lens minify things being thin at the middle and thick at the corners.

There are different kinds of eyeglasses, available in the market, which serve different purposes, such as reading glasses, contact lens, sunglasses, 3D glasses, prescription eyeglasses and bi-focal eyeglasses/computer glasses etc.

You don’t have a vision problem but still want to sport stylish eye frames available in bunk in the market? It’s no big deal, since not just the sunglasses which have vibrant fashion and trendy designs, even contact lenses and eyeglasses with zero power can be bought.

It is however, advised to see an eye specialist and consider the recommendations, since eyes are the most sensitive parts of human beings. Get regular checkups done in case of any disorders. Once you know what is prescribed by the doctor, you can buy them from a trusted optic shop or online store which will deliver them to your doorsteps. Online stores like Lenskart provide a variety of options in choosing brands, styles and updated designs and shipping is fast and convenient which is time saving and best way to shop eyeglasses at LensKart.


write by Ladonna


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