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Personalized Pencil Cases Are a Thoughtful Promotional Item

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Personalized pencil cases have some useful properties which will be highly appreciated by a clever and inventive businessman in the course of his branded advertising. They are practical and attractive, small enough not to occupy too much space on one’s working table or in the bag, and at the same time big enough to put all the necessary promotional information on their surface.

As any other personalized item, a pencil case is a viable reminder about your company, goods and the services you offer, and whenever they are used: in the office, at home, at a post-office, in a shop, at any reception, they will always advertise your business, being exposed to a large amount of people.

Personalized pencil cases will make a perfect choice as a promotional item as you can use them in many ways: for corporate gifting, as a giveaway item at trade shows, for handing out in the streets, as a free addition to the products you manufacture, and you can include them in parcels in case you ship your goods. Moreover, pencil cases can be large enough to serve as a gift packet.

With proper ornaments they can be presented as seasonal gifts: for Christmas it is nice to give a pencil case decorated with drawings of snowflakes, for the first day of autumn – with golden leaves, for the beginning of spring – with flowers and opening buds. The recipients will definitely appreciate such a beautiful gesture of yours.

With personalized pencil cases you can visit trade fairs and shows, and any other place where you can display the production of your company. Everybody will be happy to get a wonderful case to put all those numerous branded pens and pencils they receive from other companies.

The neatly designed image of your logo and witty promotional message on the cover or the side of your case will help you to stand out of the crowd. These cases can be distributed among your employees in order to create a more professional atmosphere in your office. At the same time, it will have a positive influence on the corporate spirit of the staff.

At vacation time it is nice to give your employees personalized pencil cases as a part of a composite present. It should be comfortable to use and easy to carry, and you can put inside a pencil, mini puzzle book and sunglasses – it will make a wonderful set to take to the beach or on a train journey.

Such cases should better be made of soft plastic or fabric, so it will not take a lot of space in a travel bag. And your logo placed on a pencil case will make your company known far beyond the place you live in. A beautifully crafted ones can be given as a farewell gift to a person who is about to retire.

Personalized pencil cases are also great as signs of gratitude to your regular supplier or reliable partner. Send them a nice leather stationary case, and it will make bonds between all of you even stronger.


write by Charles Minadeo


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