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How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Shape

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Every first time eyeglass user, when told that they need to start wearing specs, faces the same fate. Fear creeps into them e.g. Will I be able to find a pair to do justice to my face? Will I look as good as I want to? What if glasses cramp my style? Forget your fears. The goal here is to find the perfect frame for your face which you can easily do by following couple of simple guidelines:

A. Walk into any generic glasses store only and only if you want a generic look. In other words, for something unique you must go somewhere unique. There are brands exclusively for glasses and there are such brands also which seem high-end & stamp their logo on any piece of plastic. It is very important that first you should do your research to decide upon the brands which combines eyewear style with substance. And there are plenty of labels available in the market which will enhance your face, and not just your vision. Burberry, Ray Ban, Gucci are to name a few.

B. Once you steer yourself to the right direction and get surrounded by top of the line frames, the second step of finding the right frame for your face become a cakewalk. Generally it is done based on two parameters – a) shape of your face and of the eyewear’s’ should be in contrast and b) eyes should be in the center of the frame & the glass should be proportionate with the size of your face. After that it become a bit tricky because no one face is similar!

1. Square face: Rectangular or square frames would make you look squarer by widening your face by your temples. On the other hand, round or narrow oval shapes will create the perfect contrast to draw attention to your eyes.

2. Round face: Several styles of frames may look flattering. But be careful while choosing. In fact, rounded, large or heavy ones can even does not gel with round face. But this kind of face has the ability to pull off geometric and rectangular shapes gracefully. But the pick of the lot are glasses without rim, which gels really well with this face shape.

3. Oblong face: You need those kind of frames which will widen your face at the temples as it is a bit narrow than it is wide. Therefore, frames which are rectangular, wider and larger are ideal for oblong faces. Rim-less ones will be icing on the cake as long as there is a visible dark color by the temples.

4. Oval face: This is one shape which can wear any frame. So, be bold and lay your hands on any frame & every frame as you never know what just might work.

5. Triangular face: Glasses are a gift for triangular faces as frames will widen up the top half a bit which are narrower than on bottom and eventually balance out the jaw line. Cat-eye shapes will look great on these faces.

6. Heart shaped face: Rim-less is THE frame for heart-shaped faces as these frames narrow down the top half which is needed to balance with the jaw line that is narrower than the rest of the face. For the fairer sex, Butterfly shapes are a cool option.

7. Diamond shaped face: Diamond shaped faces are combination of many of the above. Therefore, it has a lot of options to choose from – right from oval to cat-eyes. But, it is better not to opt for round, heavy or rectangular ones.

Have fun with frames. There are a lot of varieties out there. Don’t settle for a look you don’t like. It is not necessary to have the same pair of glasses as everyone on the block. Find the right store; never compromise with quality and don’t be afraid to make an investment. After all, this is fashion for your face and your visage is the first thing people see, what better a place to invest?


write by victor young


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